Buy Glasses Online – Save Huge on Top Name-Brand Frames and Prescription Lenses

Today, more than ever, savvy buyers are saving hundreds of dollars on their prescription glasses by ordering them online. Upon reading this article you too will have the information needed to order yours and be confident that they are going to be exactly what the doctor ordered. In fact, it’s very possible that you could order eye-wear for the entire family for less than you may have paid for the last pair you purchased in a retail outlet. However, before you can enjoy these great savings, you must know a few things and there is a little leg work to be done.. Here is what you will need to do and know before you are ready to order online. First, you must have an up-to-date optical prescription. If your existing prescription is more than six months old or you suspect that your eyes may have changed a little since the last exam, it would probably be a good idea to have them re-examined. If possible, choose an optometrist whose practice is independent of the optical center.

For example, a large department store or one of the major wholesale merchandise box stores generally contract independent optometrists who do not have a vested interest in the store’s eye wear sales. When you make the appointment mention that you are only interested in getting an eye exam today, if they seem to have a problem with that go elsewhere. Also ask exactly what is included in the exam and confirm the total amount that you will be charged. When the doctor finishes the exam you will be given a written prescription which you will use to order your new eye  cat eye prescription glasses online glasses. When you receive this read it at once while the doctor is still with you. You would be amazed at how poor some peoples handwriting is and it is extremely important that you are able to read it correctly. In fact I usually read it back to the doctor just to make certain that I am interpreting it correctly. In addition to this prescription there are five more measurements that you will need in order to place your order. The first one is the “PD” and it may be provided by the the doctor on your prescription but often you must ask for it. Be sure that it is included. The remaining four sets of numbers have to do with your frames and will determine how well they fit your face. All of the numbers are measured in mm (millimeters). Here is the complete list with a brief description.

  • PD” – the distance measured between the center point of the pupil of the right eye across to the left eye
  • Bridge – distance across nose (frames)
  • Temple – distance from back of ear to front of frames (limbs)
  • Width – distance from one side to the other of each lens (frames)
  • Height – distance from top to bottom of each (frames)

The frame dimensions can also be measured by the doctor if he/she is willing to do so or, if you choose to look at the in-house frames, the sales assistant may measure them for you. You can also take these measurements yourself, at home, with the help of a family member. Some of the online sites give full step-by-step instructions on everything you need to know. You may have some existing frames at home that have been comfortable for you, in which case the frame dimensions will be stamped right on the inside of the limbs and you could use those numbers. As you leave the doctor’s office you might want to visit the showroom. Although most stores have a rather limited choice of frames (compared to online sites), they usually have some of the more popular styles that you can try on to get an idea of what you like best. This will give the store a chance to give you their prices (which you can use for comparison), and it gives you a chance to get your frames measured. That’s it, once you have completed this little adventure and assuming you didn’t succumb to the sales person’s pitch, you are ready to go home and save yourself a lot of money by purchasing online.